Thunder and Blood

Title: Thunder and Blood
Author: http: Stacey Voss
Genre: Paranormal romance
Source: Free PDF from author for the purpose of participating in the book blog tour.

Readers can purchase it here: Author's website or Amazon.

I jumped all over Stacey Voss' offer on Twitter, to host a day of the book blog tour, for one reason and one reason only....her advertising for the book was something along the lines of "vampires and portals" oh my! Who could resist that?

My synopsis: Two women from Thunder Bay, Canada accidently happen upon a portal into another world. This alternate world is almost exactly like the Canada they left behind, except for a few changes...there are castles and vampires.

What I liked:

1. Two female leads. This is awesome for several reasons, but particularly because it allows the reader to identify with and follow two separate story lines. They intertwine, they separate, and you get to see it all!

2. The bad guy is really a bad guy. Like seriously. Bad as in he's willing to starve and/or kill off all the peasants in his village to get his own dinner. (Their blood, btw.)

3. Hillard. I dare you not to fall for that man.

What I didn't like:

1. I'm not a huge fan of the cover. I'll give it this though, it is eye catching and accurate (to a point) with the story. The vampires do have glowy eyes.

2. The first few chapters are a tad slow. They are set up for character growth later on - that's easy to see- but they do seem to drag and not be applicable to most of this first novel.

Overall: Once I got into the story I loved. I had so much fun while reading it I actually tried to get spoilers from Stacey via twitter. She laughed at me. ;)


Stacey Voss said...

If anyone wants to chat with me via the google chat on the sidebar you can add me at:

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