Christmas Gifts

Merry Christmas!

I hope your holiday was joyous and filled with all the tasty treats and heartfelt gifts you could ever want. Did Santa get you what you asked for?   My stocking was filled with presents for my husband and I to share...mostly video games and movies. This is good! But there was one present that was just for me....from my Book Blogger Holiday Swap friend, Sam from

Samantha sent me a package packed with all this fun stuff. There was a card with a cute lil robot envelope, three book plates, a place holder, some chocolate, and a pretty wrapped present (it's hard to see in this picture, but under all the other goodies is the wrapped package).

Here's an up close of the chocolate that she sent me. Her note said that this was made just down the street from her home, which just makes it better in my book. I love locally made things - even if they aren't my local. :) Plus, chocolate!

This is the card. The robot from the envelope was also on the card. So cute! This is quite possibly my favorite card this year.

The present itself contained these two novels. The Good Neighbors is a hard back graphic novel. I'm interested to get into it. I've read other books by Holly Black and have enjoyed them.  Then there is The Knife of Never Letting Go. This book comes with a personal recommendation from Sam, which just makes this novel all the more interesting. These books jumped to the top of my to-be-read pile. I'm so excited about receiving them. 

Samantha, thank you for wonderful presents!


Cari said...

I have been wanting The Good Neighbors that one is hard to find :) You have a great secret santa!

Sam @ Parenthetical said...

You're so welcome, Mandy! I hope you had a fantastic Christmas. :)

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