I have much love for the VNSA booksale! Open one weekend a year there are thousands....thousands of books....some gently used, others in not quite so good of conditions. Other than having to fight through other readers who apparently have the time and patience to consider every single book title their eyes touch's awesome!

My finds today:


These were the coolest find ever! Usually we don't go to the Saturday part of the sale. Because of this, I had no idea that the volunteers look for and bundle sets of books. Lucky for me, this lovely bundle of Janet Chapman's Highlander books was just waiting to be picked up. I now have the entire series to date!  My not-so-secret crush on time-traveling Highlanders is all a flutter!


I've read The Golden Compass a couple of times. The rest of the series is on both my reading list and my husband's. Because of this I couldn't pass up this bundle the set cost me all of $4. This makes my bank account very happy.
It wasn't all perfect. I get all flustered around hordes of people who just don't pay attention to the fact there are other people in the world. Happily, other than a few moments of wanting to choke the person inching along the table slower than a snail, I've decided that for-fun readers are friendly people. Also, the apparently inability to alphabetize any of the fiction is eternally frustrating.  There were also some books by a favorite author of mine that I should have grabbed, but I talked myself out of them as I wasn't sure if I had one or all. I got home, checked, and realized I didn't have any of them. But there will be other sales, and now that I'm aware of my lack of these books, I'll be on the look out for them.

Thank you VNSA!


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