I'm a huge fan of lists. They make me happy. Sometimes I even use them to get things done.  Yep, I'm one of those people. 100 little sticky notes, scraps of paper, messages and lists on my iPhone.....but most of them go unused. I just like the act of listing, mostly. What's all this listing babble leading to? Well you see the other day I stumbled across this website: 1001 Series. There are all sorts of greatest hits type lists here....1001 movies to see, 1001 childrens books to read, and my personal favorite 1001 books to read before you die.

 Now, with 1001 novels on the list there is no possibility of me ever getting done with the list. Plus, I've already read at least a dozen or so of the novels listed. But, I do think this would make an interesting personal growth challenge. Break me out of my reading bubble, so to speak. My current plan is to pick one novel from each of the letters. If I can finish them in this year, that would account for 26 novels. Not bad if I do say so.....especially as I'm sure there will be some novels that will just be play ole torturous for me to read.

So, what do you say? Anyone up for trying to expand your reading horizons with me?


Becky said...

I think this is a great idea. I can't commit with you because I onyl buy second hand books and couldn't guarrantee I could find waht I am looking for each time, but I will watch your journey as you try to do it. Thanks for bringing the list to our attention.

If youlike reading from lists, you should check out Rose City Reader, its a great blog from a compulsive list reader

Mandy said...

Becky, I'm pretty sure I'll be getting most of my books from the library as I don't really have a book budget. Even used books have to be planned for. But thank you for the support....I like having a cheering section. :)

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