The Twilight Gospel

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You've read the novels, yes? Now what are you to do, as a responsible reader, if you want to get something more out of the Twilight series beyond a teen Romeo and Juliet like vampire fantasy? Mr. Roberts tackles this exact idea.

So often popular books and movies get dismissed as being poor moral influences on our young readers. Sometimes parents, educators, and clergy will even try to ban or forbid certain texts.....usually only with limited success. Mr. Roberts does, with this novel, something I wish more people would do. Instead of dismissing or banning the book he takes a closer look at both the postives and negatives in order to spark thought and discussion.

This book is a mere 155 pages....practically a pamphalet when compared to the novels it is discussing. However, the author is able to touch on a variety of topics. He tackles some of the obvious plot, but also many topics that are not usually pointed to.

Discussion Points / Chapters
1. Forgiveness
2. Loving Your Neighbor
3. Violence
4. Sacrifice
5. The Unborn
6. Money
7. Sex
8. Power

Overall: This is not an in depth study of the Twilight novels. It is a good solid conversation starter for parents. I wouldn't recommend just handing this book to a young Twilight fan, but it does give the grown-ups in their live an idea of where to start the conversation.

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