Who reads fantasy fiction?

I'm curious as to which of my bloggy followers read fantasy fiction? Is anyone interested in reading and reviewing a new book?*

Teel McClanahan is looking for some press / reviews of his newest release: Lost and Not Found, Director's Cut.

You know how movie directors will occasionally re-release the movie with all the bits they actually wanted to put in, in the order they wanted the scenes shown....and it completely changes the movie? Think of this novel that way. It was originally released as Lost and Not Found, which is still available, but this version is much closer to the way Teel intended it to be.  Hey, you could probably even ask him a question or two about that yourself. ;) 

Here's the link to his blog post where he asks for blogger help. You should check out his book page, and then drop him a line if you would like to read it.

* This is me shamelessly pimping books for my husband


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