Clockwork Angel

Title: Clockwork Angel ~ Book 1 of The Infernal Devices
Author: Cassandra Clare
Genre: YA, steampunk, paranormal, fantasy
Source: I recieved this ARC for free from Simon & Schuster at the SanDiego Comicon.

I have been waiting....and waiting....and watching for this book. I actually squealed and got giddy when the S&S rep handed me a copy! Here's the thing though, I had no idea what I was getting into. I've not read any of Ms. Clare's other novels. I've heard good things about them, but it just hasn't happened yet. I fell in love with the cover of this one the instant it was unveiled. Luckily, the novel inside lived up to its awesome cover.

Quick summary from publisher:
When sixteen-year old orphan Tessa Fell's older brother suddenly vanishes, her search for him leads her into Victorian-era  London's dangerous supernatural underworld, and when she discovers that she herself is a Downworlder, she must learn to trust the demon-killing Shadowhuters if she ever wants to learn to control her powers and find her brother.

What I like:
1. I love the variety of characters.  While the roles are basic, stock, roles - the caregiver, the innocent, the trouble maker, even the bumbling professor - the characters that Clare built to fill these roles are truly one of a kind. They are interesting, some times mysterious, and likable. 

2.  This story seamlessly blends the world of Victorian England with a world where society has sub-levels of paranormal.....and, while brief, steampunk. This is a world where monsters are still monsters and society at large doesn't know/ readily accept. It also isn't a traditional over the top steampunk novel. There are flashes of it, even some characters who are more robot than human, but that is about all. Just enough of both to keep the story interesting and lively.

3. I didn't need to have had read any of the previous series to understand and enjoy this one. I was a bit afraid that this series may somehow tie into the other....but those worries were put aside quickly.

What I dislike:
1. I'm tired of love triangles. I can name a dozen YA books, off the top of my head, that involve the heroine having to decided between to seemingly equal partners. Here is another. I understand that triangles hold a built in conflict maker, but seriously.....isn't there some other form of conflict you can insert besides jealousy?

Overall,  I'm still excited that I was able to read this novel! It gave me everything I was hoping for....and a bit more. I can't wait for the other novels in this series to come out....and I'm quickly adding Ms. Clare's Mortal Instruments series to my TBR list.


Well-Read Reviews said...

I agree about love triangles. It's a bit overdone lately. Have heard of this book.. Might check it out. :)

Well-Read Reviews

Mandy said...

95% of the novel....actually more...has nothing to do with the triangle, and the characters are strong. You should definitely give it a try.

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