Demon Bound

Title: Demon Bound
Author: Meljean Brook
Genre: Romance, Paranormal

I'm really interested in this book. I love the combination of angels and demons with Greek mythology and modern tech. I did occasionally have some issues getting past references to in-world things I didn't know about, but that's the hazard of randomly picking books off the shelf. You get novels, such as this, that are actually in the middle of the series. I blame the unknown terms on that.

Stand alone, this novel is a bit to open ended and unexplained. However, I'm positive that everything actually does tie together....ya know, if you read the whole series not just jump to the middle.

Oh! I forgot to mention the video game like powers some of the characters are equipped with. Hammerspace is roughly equivalent to...well almost any weapons cache or "pocket" in video games. Any weapon they have is available whenever they need it, but when not in use it can just be sent to this mysterious Hammerspace that is not actually on their body. It reminds me of the pockets the characters in Animal Crossing have. Just about anything fits in those puppies. Or in shooter games where the character just needs to move their arm and *poof* weapons change. And yes, I'm a geek.

Good, would be better not as a stand alone.


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