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Since this blog was started with the purpose of chronicling the books I read, I thought it might be good to talk about what's in the works. Over the past month I've been busy on twitter entering book give-away contests. (Hey! Free books are da bomb!) I've even won a few of the contests. All told there should be 6 books and an awesome book themed tote back heading my way. Assuming all goes well and nosey neighbors don't decide to help themselves to any packages (we've had packages left on our door step (to be found later when we're home) that were obviously opened, rifled through, and the contents picked over for anything they deem as good.) the books should be showing up any time now. Actually, two have already made their way to me. I just finished reading the advance copy of "The Imposter's Daughter" which was sent to me by Little, Brown publishing and today I'm diving into "Surrender of a Siren" by Tessa Dare. She's a lovely woman I follow on Twitter. I can't wait!

Also, due to my affinity for young adult novels I've been entering quite a few giveaways for them as well. Today, I'm entering one for a werewolf book. I don't read a lot of werewolf fiction, so this will be a new experience for me. I thought I'd share the contest links since the blogger doesn't require that you be a twitter user to enter. Here is the contest page: Werewolf YA Book Contest!


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