My Eric Fix

Title: Dead in the Family
Author: Charlaine Harris
Genre: Paranormal, romance, mystery
Source: public library

Eric. Eric! This one is all about Eric....which makes me a very happy girl. And now I'm three books behind on owning all of this series, but I will. Oh, yes. I will have these vampires on my shelves, waiting for my pleasure.    Ahem. Right, back to it.

As fun and easy as this novel was, I do have a question. This is something that I'll look up later, but my SIL and I have discussed it and were not sure.....but.....didn't we (readers) already see Eric's Sire die (within the novels, not show)? SIL and I are pretty sure we did. Wasn't the Sire the ancient vampire the Fellowship has captured and locked up? I could have sworn that was Eric's Sire so it is a bit weird when we have the Sire appearing again in this novel.

Overall, these novels are still brain candy. The plot has thickened with Shifters of all sorts coming out of the closet and the fairy wars. At times I get a bit worried that all these different plots will get overwhelming, but so far they have been perfectly balanced.


Monica said...

Hey Mandy.

I have a few of these books I have extras of I was going to list of swap or get rid of if you tell me which you are missing and I have it, it's yours.



Mandy said...

Monica, you're awesome! Just twittered at you.

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