Brain Candy!

I'm a wee bit obsessed. Just a tad....and I blame the brain candy.  No, I haven't gone on a candy-eating-sugar-high binge...though, doesn't this candy bouquet look just plain ole delicious? I'm talking about those books that are like candy for your, fulfilling, a few juicy bits, and not a lot of work. These are the books you turn to when you need a break. This isn't "I have to" is "I want to " reading.

I recently discovered that the Sookie Stackhouse novels are great for this. They are my brain candy! I've been devouring them. I spent the weekend rereading book two and smashing my way through book three. Two books in two days and I was hard pressed to be torn away from them. In fact, I was excited when my husband's nap carried over into bed-time because I could read uninterrupted and be a good wife....what with the being quiet and letting him sleep 'n all.

I love books like this. Brain candy novels are the reason I started feeding my romance addiction in the first place. Romance novels (and later paranormal romances) got me through some of the hardest times in my life. They also kept me sane during the busiest times. They are always available and safe. I know what I'm getting each time I pick up one, but knowing doesn't make it boring. It is very much like a comfort food or favorite movie.....exactly perfect whenever you want it.

I haven't quiet figured out all the ins and outs of the Sookie novels, but that's just fine. They are a new juicy flavor and I'm craving them!

What's your flavor of brain candy?


Caitlin said...

I'd have to agree! Sookie Stackhouse is definitely brain candy for me as well. The Vampire Academy Series is as well. Love those books!

Mandy said...

OOoh! Caitlin, fill me in on the Vampire Academy. I received a copy of Frostbite (which is somewhere in the middle of the series, I believe). Can I read them out of order?

BookWhisperer said...

NO No No no. Do not read these books out of order. It would be a sin...

Mandy said...

*laugh* Got it! Am making a note now to find the rest of the series before I start reading that one. Thanks!

Emily said...

Sookie Stackhouse does it for me, but if I really need to destress my mind I go for the Dark novels by Christine Feehan. Or anything by Christine Feehan, really.

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