BWB Review - Queene of Light

Title: Queene of Light (A Lightworld / Darkworld Novel)
Author: Jennifer Armintrout
Genre: Sci-Fi (according to library classification), Romance, Paranormal, Fantasy
Source: Library

This is not your run-of-the-mill fairy story. Lately, there has been a plethora of novels where the fae are coming to or intermixing with the human world. This story is set in a much darker time and place where humans and fae, of all kinds, have separated and taken to different areas...including underground.  This setting takes the reader out of a well-known and comfortable world and smacks them immediately into an experience where they are unknowing and on edge. I loved it immediately!

What I liked:

1. The setting. The immediate plunge into a world underground where the traditional rules I know don't apply set me immediately on edge. Normally, this would be considered a bad thing, except in this case it made it easier for me to identify with the characters. Malachi is confused and lost in a world not his own, and Ayla (for some reason I have flashes of Clan of the Cavebear when I hear this name...but that's a different thing) is out-of-place and not truely comfortable in her own skin and world. Being on edge is the way to be.

2. Malachi's love and trust of /for Ayla. He has every right to not trust her. His quick change of heart could be seen as too simple or naive, but to me it's sweet. He does struggle for a bit deciding whether to kill her or kiss her, but luckily love wins out.

3. Maab. She is portrayed as self-ish and cruel, but also intelligent. She is the perfect foil for actions in this world and her court.

What I didn't like:

1. Not much is given as to the whys of the world splitting and changing the way that it did. I'm sure that it is just a weighty story in it's own right....and that's not this story, but I'd like to have a bit more of it.

Overall: I'm in love with the story! I'm excited to get my hands on the next two books in the series: Child of Darkness and Veil of Shadows.  If you have any interest in fairy politics....and a good love story...this is one for you.

Discussion Questions And Possible Spoilers 
(Don't continue reading if you don't want things ruined for you.)

#1 Did you have an understanding of the world created by this novel, or did you find the complexity too much? It seemed like a lot of the world was based on well established information we already have about the Fairy Court, Queen Maab, and such. However, I do wish we (readers) had been given more information concerning what happened to the world previously to get us to where we currently are.

#2 In a book that it appears many have trouble liking, what is one thing that you like about this book? I liked quite a bit about this book actually. One of the most interesting things is something I didn't speak about in my review (not wanting to give spoilers and all that). I find it very interesting that Ayla, a being that is half-fairy and half-human, is the catalyst for the changes to come between the worlds. Her coupling with Malachi, a Darkworlder a.k.a. different race, will produce the ruler that unites the worlds......or so I think. Plus, that fits perfectly into the mythology in the book about who will unite the races.

#3 Did you agree with the author’s decision to make Ayla a fierce assassin in battle and a weakling in her emotions? For example her obvious contempt for Garret but yet her willingness to be his mate and subject herself to his demeaning manor?   I'm torn here. It seems perfectly reasonable to me that someone so highly trained in battle and killing would either be able to close emotions off or not have a good grasp of their actual emotions. However, I don't like her interactions with Garret. It reads too much like a domestic violence situation....which I think it was supposed to

#4 What do you think the significance of the the baby Ayla carries is/will be? That baby is the savior of the races. She is the Fae with mixed blood that will unite them all.

#5 What do you think of Ayla's ascension to the throne? Do you believe she accepted her own destiny too easily?  I believe that she often did what she thought was expected of her. She wanted to be part of this society so she did what she needed to belong, which includes being an appropriate consort to the Queen's brother, and accepting the crown when it is thrust upon her.  I don't think it is necessarily easy
for her, but that she goes along be that's what she is expected to do.


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Great review as always Mandy! I'm glad you liked the book! - Parajunkee

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I'm dropping by from the Blog with Bite blogg to say hi...I'm totally excited about this next book that we're doing!

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