Dead If I Do

Title: Dead If I Do
Author: Tate Hallaway
Genre: Paranormal Romance
Source: Library

I had the strangest feeling while reading this book. I was positive that I knew these characters from somewhere, but as far as I could remember I'd never read any of these books. But then my memory is sometimes made of swiss cheese. About half way through this entertaining read I realized what was going on. Several years ago I'd read and owned one of the early books in the series. I loaned it to a friend and well it has never made it's way back to me. Not really a big deal, but not having the book nearby makes it easier to forget I've read it. Ya know what suddenly reminded me? Parrish. The main characters ex-boyfriend, Daniel Parrish. His name was memorable.

What I liked:

1. Things aren't so easily happy even if you happen to have magic and other paranormal goodies on your side. In this story life in the real world is just as easily swayed and changed as life among the paranormal.

2. Even though there are paranormal beings, and magic actually does exist in this world, it isn't everywhere. Most characters in this story don't know that vampires exist or that a Goddess can easily take shelter in someone's body.

3. The Wiccan rituals and discussions that occur are an interesting mix between very realistic and complete fantasy. It is easy to believe that the author may be writing Wicca because she knows it.

What I didn't like:

1. At times the paranormal community is too small - i.e. there are only two vampires in the whole area. While at other times it is crazy large - seriously the Vatican is sending witch hunters after you? There doesn't seem to be any easy middle.

2. The cover art just doesn't work for me. I understand it's highly stylized, but the rail thin, angular girl just doesn't mesh with the image of the character presented in the books. But then this is just a peeve of mine.

Overall, it was a fun read. I'm glad I gave this series another chance.

**Part of my Fall Into Reading challenge and NaNoReadMo challenge**


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Hi Mandy :)
Thank you for the thoughtful review.
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