It's my birthday!

Isn't this cake awesome?! I would love to receive it, or something similar, on my birthday.  This year my birthday cake did not look like looked like this:

Actually, these are real books not a book cake, but wouldn't that be cool? I didn't get a cake this year, but I did get a whole bunch of other goodies.  Now, technically only one of the books was actually for my birthday, but they all arrived around the same I'm counting them.
It's my birthday; I can do that.

Actual birthday present: Creepy Cute Crochet from my husband who wants to have a horde of amigurumi zombies.

For review & book tour: Gentlemen Prefer Succubi

Under orders (from author Beverly Kendall) to read with an open mind (to try to find new historical romances that I might like): Proof by Seduction and Sinful Surrender

And two won books - one via blog - one via twitter: Truly,  Madly and Lead Me On

Plus, there have been vampire movies! Last night my husband took me out to see Daybreakers. Awesome! I love how they played up the whole bat / monster angle. These aren't your sparkly happy vamps. And as an early birthday present (we picked it up before Christmas) I also received Let The Right One In. If you haven't seen Go now. Don't wait for the American remake which is happening shortly. This one is great and has a book that is even better.

Yay! Happy Birthday to me!!!!


Larissa said...

YAY! Have an amazing Bday today!!!

Wish you the best!


Rex Robot Reviews said...

Happy Birthday!

RKCharron said...

What a beautiful cake!
Happy Birthday Mandy!

brizmus said...

Happy BIrthday! It would be awesome to have a cake like that! At least you got fun books! :-)

Beth(bookaholicmom) said...

Happy Birthday! Truly, Madly is a fun book! I hope you enjoyed your day!

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