Monday's QoTD

Before I get to the question, I thought I might explain something. I haven't been putting a lot of me....outside of what I think about books....into this blog. But I do love it when I see other people doing it on their blogs. So I thought that this year I would try to slide myself into more of my posts, or maybe pick up some like this. And now on to the question...

Question: Besides reading, what other hobby brings you happiness?

Answer: I have three. The first is the main opponent ( for my attention) against reading. Movies. My husband and I watch a lot of movies.  No really, I mean a lot.  Together we own nearly 400 dvds, plus we have a packed Netflix cue. Ideally, we'd go to more theater movies, but money is tight and theaters are expensive.
(Not our dvd collection - but similar.)

The second is crochet. This is a hit or miss hobby for me. Sometimes, usually in winter, I'm really into it. Other times my project basket can sit for months without being touched. I need to spend more time on it, but I love it....even if I have to redo dozens of rows (on big projects) because I forget to count. Lately, I've been into making amigurumi dolls (is that redundant?) and even completed one that was my own creation.

 (This wee lil man is my first creation. He's fashioned after Bunny in the comic.)

The third is RockBand. I don't play ours nearly enough, but I have options when I do: Rock Band 1 and 2, Lego Rock Band, Beatles edition,  and even the Guitar Hero band game. You know what I mean. I love playing the drums and think the guitar is evil. I may even get up the guts to play Rock Band with Wil Wheaton at this year's Phoenix Comic Con. That guy hosts one slammin' Rock Band party!

Your turn. What other hobbies bring you happiness?


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