2009 Reading Challenge Wrap-up

Shortly after starting this blog in July 2009, I decided to tackle a few reading challenges.  I joined two that were already in progess and created one of my own. Here are the results:

This is the challenge I created. Luckily, I was able to complete my goal. How bad would that be....not completing your own challenge Does this ever happen?

5.5 completed out of the planned 5

This is hosted by Callapidder Days and technically I've already done a post about this.....but you all don't mind if I repeat myself briefly....right?  I completed this challenge, but only with substitutions. I made a list of 12 titles, but do to library due dates and wanting to read other books that original 12 got thrown out the window. I did definitely read over the 12 books though. 

12 / 12  with the help of substitutions

Beth Fish Reads is to blame for my newest addiction. I love, love, love the Sookie Stackhouse books and this was the challenge that introduced me to them.

9 / 9 devoured


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