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We are readers. Well, I'm assuming everyone following this blog is a reader at some level. I don't know about your reading habits, but I have books that I read between readings. These books are somewhat like brain candy books in that they are relaxing and interesting. But there is a difference...these books aren't necessarily in my comfort zone. Some aren't even books per se. Some get finished, some don't.

Lately, my between book books have been comics. I've been trying to teach myself how to read graphic novels and comics. While I can read and get the story, I seem to miss whole large important sections of the over arching story or historical referrences. This bothers me a bit. I don't like thinking I've gotten something out of the text only to find out I missed a large part of it. I just never learned how to read comics.

Recently, I've been reading the Avengers' first 8 comics. I was inspired to read them after seeing the Iron Man movies. I've really enjoyed how these new comic movies are being dealt with, and I like the connections that are being made in each movie between the different characters. I want to see what they are based on.  Comics 1-8 were interesting, though much easier to read than the graphic novels I've tried previously. Really, the most interesting thing so far, besides being introduced to some characters I haven't known before (I knew of Iron Man and Hulk, but not Thor and Ant/Giant Man), was seeing the evolution of the various costumes. Between #1 and #3  there was a major evolution of Iron Man's costume.

I'm not going to actually review these comics. I don't feel comfortable enough to be able to give any actual feed back, but I wanted to let you know what's been going on when I'm not nose deep in a novel.


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