The President's Vampire

Title: Blood Oath
Author: Christopher Farnsworth
Genre: Paranormal, action, thriller
Source: Borrowed from public library

I had to read this one. From the instant I started hearing chatter about it until the time I was able to get a hold of it, it has been on my want list. Who could resist the draw of a secret agent vampire...working for the US government?

Of note, this novel is fun/odd to read while Abraham Lincoln Vampire Slayer is still fresh in your mind. Mostly due to the timing circumstances....Cade (our vamp) joins forces with the President immediately after Lincoln is done.  But, outside that odd moment of unintentional continuity, this novel is nothing like that one. This novel is more like Dan Brown or John Grisham novel in that the central story revolves around and is told in a political intrigue style. We, readers, are taken along for a ride while one top secret group works against another in a plot to solve a long standing problem that has recently be brought back into the light by a seemingly unrelated terrorist activity. Did ya get that?

What I liked:
1. This is a new and interesting twist on the traditional vampire tales.  Usually vamps fall into one or two categories - blood thirsty monsters or romantic leads. Cade is neither....and both.....and more. He is well developed enough to make you feel he is more than just vampire.

2. The action/plot scenes are mixed with flash backs to Cade's early life and experiences. Plus, each chapter begins with an excerpt from some "top secret" document or conversation. These all usually have something to do with Cade's actions in the coming scene and greatly help to push the story forward without having to have hugs chunks of back narrative.

What I disliked:
1. There is a lot left untidy after the big battle near the end. I can't say too much without giving away spoilers, but with an incident this large......whether or not it is classified as top secret......some one's going to know and there is going to be huge amounts of clean up and pr and..... yeah. Totally dropped that one.

2. Really? One of the bad guys is a a Nazi. Oh and the other is a Middle Eastern Terrorist. Gee....I can understand the relevance of the terrorist (even if that plot is weak). This is a modern political thriller and terrorism is our current big button panic element. But seriously....of all the bad guy archetypes available you had to go for the Nazi? I'm just tired of Nazi's being the fall back bad guys. There are other villains out there people. Be more creative.  I will say this though, the Nazi character was quite a bit more interesting than the terrorist.

Overall: This was an entertaining and quick read. I'd recommend it for fans of political intrigues and vampire fans looking for a new take on vamps.


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