The Real Wonderland

Title: ArchEnemy ~ book 3 of the Looking Glass Wars
Author: Frank Beddor
Genre: Young Adult, fantasy, speculative fiction, fairy-tale retelling
Source: I own it! And I'm desperately waiting to meet Frank again to get the book stamped and signed.

The Looking Glass Wars is the story of Wonderland that could be. What if the Wonderland story we all know was actually a second account? What if Lewis Carroll didn't dream up this story, but instead he heard it from the displaced princess of a war torn Wonderland, Alyss?

Frank Beddor creates a world where those theories are possible and more. With Imagination as the key, guide, and source of all possible things we are led into the heart of Wonderland where good is battling evil, right and wrong aren't always crystal clear, and those darn Caterpillar Oracles are meddling in everything. 

ArchEnemy summary from website:

The war for Wonderland has become a war for Imagination!
King Arch has declared himself King of Wonderland as Alyss searches wildly for the solution to the metaphysical disaster that has engulfed her Queendom. The power of Imagination has been lost!
Alyss's search for answers takes her to London where Arch's assassins threaten Alice Liddell and her family. But after coming to her adopted family's assistance, Alyss discovers herself trapped in a conundrum of evaporating puddles. The shimmering portals that exist to transport her home through the Pool of Tears are disappearing! What is happening in Wonderland? Deep within the Valley of Mushrooms the Caterpillar Oracles issue this prophecy: "Action shall be taken to ensure the safety of the Heart Crystal. For Everqueen." But who is Everqueen?
As the metamorphosis of Wonderland unfolds, enemies become allies, bitter rivals face-off, and Queen Alyss and Redd Heart must confront their pasts in this thrilling, no-holds-barred conclusion.

Overall: I adore this series! Beddor's version of Wonderland has had me in its imagination fueled grip for several years now. I got lost in book one.  I couldn't wait for book two to be released. The graphic novels made me squee in delight (in front of the author no less). This book earned my husband thousands of kisses when he made it appear on my bookshelf.  This Wonderland is new and exciting, but is still recognizable and comfortable for those of us who grew up with Charles Dodgson's verison.

**This novel fulfills a reading requirement for the speculative fiction challenge and the TBR challenge.**


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