More teenage vampires...

Title: Bite Me, A Love Story
Author: Christopher Moore
Genre: Paranormal
Source: Borrowed from public library

Yes, the title says it is a love story...and yes there is a love story element in the novel, but I wouldn't call this a romance. It's too gritty and too superficial in many aspects to be romantic.

Yes, one of the main characters, Abbey, is a teen. So are several of the other characters, but I wouldn't classify this as a young adult novel. I don't think many teens would appreciate the humor or the extreme stereotyping of teens that make the teenage characters fun and enjoyable.  While this is a novel about teen vamps, it definitely isn't a fluffy, no-blood/damage teen vampire story.

Things I liked:
1. I love Christopher Moore's sense of humor. He plays stereotypes perfectly, tosses in some irreverent attitudes and *poof* the story is instantly entertaining and humorous while dealing with all sorts of situations.

2.  The world in this novel is one with vampires, but it isn't a vampire's world. They aren't well known, or accepted by all. They aren't everywhere. In fact, there are so very few of them that it is easily seen when the situation gets out of their control.

Things I disliked: 
1. While there are several couples, who express love in a variety of ways, it is extremely irritating that the main couple doesn't express love in any way but sex. To a further extent, Abbey, expresses numerous times that every time she shows her love through a kiss she'll immediately follow that kiss up with a slap in the her boyfriend (who she was kissing) doesn't think she's a whore.  *sigh* Cause, yeah, that's a totally healthy relationship image you have there. I've never understood how some people can use sex as both enticement and punishment in the same moment......or why they would. I certainly don't understand it in fictional characters.

Overall: I enjoyed it as much as I have every other Moore novel I've read. I would recommend this to everyone who wants a new take on a vampire story.


Crys said...

I've tried reading other books my this author and just couldn't get past a couple of chapters. I don't know if it was me but I tried to read two of them one summer and ended up just putting them away. I'm still trying to get through Twilight the first one.

Mandy said...

Well, these are completely different than the Twilight novels. Primarily, Meyer's wrote Twilight as a YA novel....Moore wrote these novels as adult novels(they just happen to have teen characters).

But I will give you that Moore's writing style takes some getting used to.

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