Angel Time

Title: Angel Time
Author: Anne Rice
Genre: paranormal, religious, fiction
Source: Library

First, I just have to mention this (even though I know this has been discussed other places dozens of times), but have you noticed this odd trend of making the author's name be larger even than the title? I have this theory that publishers think readers are stupid and don't believe that we can judge for ourselves whether or not we want to read a book. They just bank on the readers who are fans of certain author to just automatically want/buy anything with that author's name on it. But I'm off topic and maybe I'll write a post about that theory later.

Angel Time is Anne Rice's jump back into the paranormal fiction world. She took a break and wrote some Christian non-fiction books, don't ya know? And that Christian theology and mythology play a large part in this novel. To be honest, I am one of those readers from above...the ones that wants to at least read every novel my favorite authors put out...including Ms. Rice. I'm a big fan...I had to at least try this one. I still love her writing style. She tells a great story. But this one just isn't my favorite.

What I liked:

1. I love that her writing style is just the way I remember. That makes me comfortable as a reader and makes it easier for me to get into the story.

2. The "real life" background of the main character (who is not an angel btw) is an interesting hard knocks, mafia type story that adds up to an interesting and complex character.

What I didn't like:

1. I feel misled. Yes, there is an angel in this book. Yes, said angel appears at just the appropriate time. And yes, the main character does take some actions that cast him into the role of rescuing "angel" for some other characters. However, the main angel plays a very minimal role in the book.

Overall: It was a good read, but it isn't my favorite Rice novel.


brizmus said...

The Saturday Network

I think I also would be disappointed by this, with the lack of angel(s) and everything. I've actually, shockingly, never actually read anything by Anne Rice. I've been really wanting to for a while now, though.

Esme said...

Yes Mandy-Magellan is my kitty-he says thank you for stopping by. He has a twin sister-the only difference is she is half his size, never stops to pose and has freckles on both cheeks-If you want to see a photo of her-she was the star of Weekend Cat Blogging Last weekend. I did not know there was another Anne Rice book out-years ago I went to her house in New Orleans. I discovered her book by spying the cover in someones hands on the subway in Toronto.

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