Historical Fantasy and Good Storytelling

Title: The White Mare (Book 1 of The Dalriada Trilogy)
Author: Jules Watson
Genre: Historical fantasy
Source: I own this book.

Set during the period when Rome was busy trying to take over the world, including the British isles, this novel leads the reader deep into relationships, magic/pre-Christian faiths, and war. Wars of all definitions are occuring. Battles for place / rank in society, battles for love, battles against love, battles of protection and revenge, battles of hatred and jealousy....all are prominent and intermingled in this engaging novel.

Title: The Dawn Stag (Book 2 of The Dalriada Trilogy)
Author: Jules Watson
Genre: Historical Fiction
Source: I own this novel.

A continuation of the first novel; some of the battles have been won, some are close to being resolved, while others are just barely coming to a head. This is a very satisfying tale for readers who enjoy their romance mixed with the more gritty side of life...actual war.

Overall: I've enjoyed reading these novels. I've even checked the third out from the library. (I have no idea why I bought one and two but not three) I plan on reading it, but am a bit put off due to the ending of the second book. This is a trilogy, which as far as I know means a continuation of the story. However, the story is completely wrapped up by the end of Dawn Stag. Infact, there is even an epilogue that tells of us how the main characters lived the rest of their lives. That doesn't seem to be leading to another book.....but, we'll see. Ever had a series do something like that to you? How'd it work out?


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