A romance with a bit of mystery

Title: Truly, Madly (A Lucy Valentine Novel)
Author: Heather Webber
Genre: romance
Source: my personal copy

Better than a cool glass of milk is a cool glass of chocolate milk. Better than a surprisingly sweet romance is a sweet romance mixed with a mystery.  I  enjoy romances like this, where the characters have other things going on and aren't particularly looking for love. The added story just makes it more believable to me.

This is the first novel in a new line featuring Lucy Valentine. Her entire family has powers. Some can see auras, which they use to better the family match-making business. Lucy can find lost items, which keeps her from joining the family business....almost, but then that doesn't even go as planned.

What I like:

1. While the family has these supernatural powers, this isn't a paranormal romance. The inclusion of these powers is down played, the family doesn't want anyone else to know about them, and they set Lucy up for a fun series of adventures.

2. Both Lucy and Sean (the male lead) are/were English majors and name their pets after literary figures. I love it! And I love the idea of naming a cat Grendel.

What I dislike:

1. The end felt a bit rushed, which is strange because the rest of the novel played out well. Events, romantic and not, unfolded naturally. So, the end where *poof* everything just seems to fall in place is a bit odd....and quick. Especially knowing that this is the beginning of the series, it could have been stretched out a bit.

2. This one is my fault. I read the excerpt, included in the back of the book, of the next novel....and a character and relationship I really enjoyed appears to be broken. Stupid spoilers in the excerpt! I won't ruin it for you, but I would recommend not reading the next preview.

Overall:  This is a fun read. It plucks all the right heart strings......and who wouldn't want a Valentine match-maker?


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