My blog is 1 year old!!

I love birthdays! Don't you?  And while I adore receiving birthday gifts, I've learned a lil something from my husband and now I also enjoy giving other people gifts on my birthday. My blog's birthday works just as well for me.....I've got goodies to give away!

One of the bloggy-birthday gifts I'm giving is a $60 gift card to any of the CSN stores. They have dozens...hundreds...of different stores and products to choose from. Personally, I like the book case store and the bedding stores, but you can use it where ever you want.

The other gift, which I decided to add just now (literally), is a surprise. Sort of. The winner of the gift card will have the opportunity to choose from three categories of books.  I will then surprise them with a book of my choice . (Hey it's my bloggy birthday, I pick what you read!)  If the winner of the gift card doesn't choose a genre then a separate, different winner will be chosen from those who did, to receive the book.

Please spread the word! Birthdays are better with friends!

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