His Lady Mistress

Title: His Lady Mistress
Author: Elizabeth Rolls
Genre: Historical Romance, e-book

This novel was an engaging read...for the most part. Often I was frustrated and grumpy at the main characters. Under the guise of caring for the other person and trying to give them what they would want both characters spoke in half-truths, left information out, and flat out refused to hold whole conversations with each other. I understand, humans (specifically males and females) have troubles communicating. I also understand that miscommunications are a staple of traditional genre romances. This was quite frustrating though. I was specifically frustrated with the hero, Max Blakehurst. He was quite capable of understanding and holding whole conversations where he expressed himself clearly without resorting to angry outbursts. He does this several times with various characters, yet, even when he's on the same page as Verity (heroine) he seems to be incapable of holding any sort of conversation beyond angry outbursts where he calls her a whore. Seeing as the characters were eventually able to actually work their differences out, I'm going to assume that the author meant for the characters' miscommunications to be this frustrating....like a lesson for the reader. See! If you are this frustrated while reading, guess how frustrated these two characters must be!

Worth the read


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