One More Bite

Title: One More Bite (A Jaz Parks novel)
Author: Jennifer Rardin
Genre: Paranormal, sci-fi (library classification)

This is the most recent of the Jaz Parks novels out (at least that's what the internets tell me), but they can easily be picked up and read in any order....or even alone just for fun. I seem to be going on the completely out of order route. Several months ago I read the first in the series, loved it, couldn't get the middle ones from the library (they're popular ya'know?), and picked this one up last week. Loved it again.

Jaz is part of a super special, possibly secret, CIA team to fight crime......err....solve mysteries......err....kill bad guys, preferably paranormal ones. She works with and dates a vampire, a psychic, a tech guru, witches, ghosts.....whomever is needed to solve the case. She's what could happen if Buffy and Faith were smashed into one slayer. All the kick ass strength, the daring, the snarky quips, but a fairly good grasp on what's legal and what isn't. This time, she has to confront ghosts of her own while fighting other ghosts, witches, and tourists to solve the case. Plus, she has a great dog. :)

Fun to read.


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