Little Red

Title: Little Red
Author: Sandra Fowke
Genre: e-book, erotica, paranormal-ish

First off, yes. Yes, that is the cover image that came with my Smashwords version. And yes, the book was free....but still. Ack. The cover image has little if anything to do with the story. I'm all for reenvisioning fairy tales, but when the main character isn't even a wolf....he just talks about being a werewolf and how that helps his cock to be larger. Ugh! There is a bit of D/s, a bit of age-play (as in he's 40, she's a barely legal 19) and there are a lot... No really, an abnormally large amount of misspellings and punctuation errors for a five page story. Really only MST3k or the weepingcock snark community of livejournal could do this one justice.

My favorite part: "Alice screamed his name as he took her impossibly fast..." Ummm...yeah. If the speed is impossibly fast then it didn't happen....It's part of the definition of impossibly.

Read at your own risk.


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