Wild Highland Magic

Title: Wild Highland Magic
Author: Kendra Leigh Castle
Genre: Paranormal romance, fantasy

I'm having trouble finding a way to talk about this book. It struck me as strange. Upon reading it I was struck, at least three different times, with the notion that this was a side story to a very large, intricate, and well planned out fantasy universe. Think of those fantasy novels, three or four different races, magic, demons, witches, wizards...whathaveyous and the fantasy novels they entail. Large sweeping stories full of battles and politics and magic. This novel is the more up-close-and-personal look at the life of some of the minor characters that might be in that larger story. Does that make sense?

Most of the book does not take place in that fantasy world, but the two main male characters come from it. One is the only son of two great magical races, who just so happens to be cursed. The other is a dragon (in human form). That being said this book takes place in what is modern day Scotland where a family is gathering from near and far....only they are werewolves. Whatever. I'm fine with paranormal romance....in fact love it! But, there was just something. I came away from this book with a whole host of questions about werewolves ( presentation, culture, hygiene) that I've never wonder about before. Interesting, that.

Also, and I may just be leading a sheltered from werewolf story life here, but this is the first novel where the female lead was a werewolf. In human form she was strong and sassy; she was equally so as a werewolf. I can only name a handful of movies/books where a female character was werewolf....and usually she isn't the lead. Neat!

Fun to read...but maybe you should read the series in order instead of just grabbing one.


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