In the beginning

"She sure reads a lot."
"Yeah, she's one of those readers."

That may not be the exact conversation between my husband and his sister, but the sentiment is accurate. I read. A lot. All the time. Usually, I have two or three different books cracked open and awaiting my attention at the same time. This is even easier now; I use my iPhone as an e-reader (even have the Kindle app.). Partially, this blog is a way for me to put down my thoughts, review the books I read. It's a place for me to snark in more than 140 characters, and possibly come up with some pretty good reading lists. If you have any suggestions of books to read - please, please leave me a comment. New books are always welcome on my shelf.


Anonymous said...

Lol, once you start getting used to writing more than 140 characters for a blog, it gets a bit harder to tweet!

Your blog set up is really cute, can't wait to read what else you have to say! :o)

Mandy McClanahan said...

*grin* I love the twitter format and don't want it to get harder. I've kept a regular, personal blog for years, but this seems like more fun. Plus now I can say everything I couldn't fit on twitter!

Thanks for checking it out.

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I read books they way other people eat, sleep, or watch movies....voraciously, obsessively, and as often as possible. The reviews, random commentary, and snark in this blog are mine alone. Don't take my the book.
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