Every Demon Has His Day

Title: Every Demon Has His Day
Author: Cara Lockwood
Genre: Paranormal, Chick-lit, (library labeled) Romance

It's cute. It's sweet. It's a definite turn from paranormal romances where all things monster-y (vamps, zombies, ghosts, fairies, etc.) are accepted into the society. It does take on how demons, angels, prophets, and messengers from God might be treated in a world where people aren't looking for real, literal, and true angels or demons, though. I'm not sure the library should have this listed in Romance. Yes, there is a bit of a budding romance between the two main human characters, but it tame (just a step or two beyond Twilight) on the sex meter. It's sweet. Most of the true sex action is covered and dismissed by the demons making jokes about P.D.A.s . Definitely not a bodice ripper, but fun. C.L. gives the characters great, light-hearted personalities. Even the demons, based off the seven deadly sins, are mostly silly (in a good way)....Seriously, one of the main characters is a demon who refuses to do the messy jobs because he might muss his Armani suit. Also, I might be a bit biased towards this book because of my crush on Nathan Fillion. Not that he has anything to do with this novel, that I know of (Do you know something I don't know?), but because the main male character is named Nathan and maybe my brain is playing tricks on me, but the character read exactly how I envision N.F. acting the part if it were a movie.

Go read it!


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