I saw today's reading challenge over at Bookworming in the 21st Century. I couldn't resist it! I'm not joining in the official challenge, but just had to join in.

For this challenge all I have to do is:

1 - Pick up the book you are currently reading.

2 - Since it is December 22nd, turn to page 22 in your book.

3 - Count down to the 22nd line on the page. (If there is a partial word on the line you can leave it off.)

4 - Post a picture of your book cover along with the 22nd line from the 22nd page on your blog.
My line:
                   "They were on the cusp of the present."




Hillary Oliver said...

Portrait in Death

Let's see if your blog is HTML enabled for comments... nope. Well, JPG here:

understood and respected, even as the flying seat caught

Mandy said...

Hmmm...wonder if blogger will let me enable HTML? Thanks for pointing out that it isn't already that way. Glad you played along anyway!

jinxygrrl said...

I did it. My current book is "Cherry Cheesecake Murder".

Angela McClanahan said...

I'm reading Charlaine Harris's "A Touch of Dead"
the line is "clearly because she was so angry, and all her mental"

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