Secret Santa Update

I've sent and received the gifts for both of the Secret Santa type exchanges. I'm trying very.....very hard to be a good girl and leave the gifts alone until Christmas. It's so hard to resist!

I'm also feeling a bit like a schmo. I didn't gift wrap my presents. I did include a nice card, but I just slid the gifts into their packing envelopes and called it good. Oddly, it didn't occur to me that generally Christmas gifts come wrapped, so therefore these probably should have been as well. I'm a terrible Santa. Hopefully, the gifts make up for the lack of wrapping!


Laura Hartness said...

I don't think you were my Secret Santa, but my gifts came in a box, unwrapped as well. I totally didn't mind. They were so kind in participating, generous and thoughtful in their choices. Don't fret-- you're not a bad Santa!

Mandy said...

Well, if they were in a box that counts me out as your Santa. I put my gifts into media envelopes. Glad you got great gifts!

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