Merry Christmas!

I made it! A house full of my husband's family (mine live too far away to do the house-filling gathering thing), music, food, Christmas traditions out the wazoo, and in the midst of it all I was finally able to open my Book Blogger Holiday Swap and Secret Santa gifts!

My Santas gave me awesome loot!

On the left is the gift from a lovely gifter as part of the Secret Santa. They gave me the first two Sookie Stackhouse books (Squee!), a whole pile of book marks, and an additional gift of a magical expanding washcloth. I haven't tried it husband wants to see it expand too!  

(I have no idea who you are.....will you tell me?)

The right is from Susan as part of the Book Blogger Holiday Swap.  She gave me a beautiful set of stationary cards, and glammed-out pen to write on those pretty cards. There was also a Santa postcard ornament and a set of joyful magnets. The ornament went up right away and the magnets are already making a home on our fridge!

(The name and address were smeared on the package. I can only make out Susan  from Escondido, CA.  Would you tell me if this was you?)

Thank you!

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas!


Kristen said...

I was the first one! :-D I'm glad you liked the books! You'll have to let me know how the washcloth works out.. hehe.

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