Devil Bones

Title: Devil Bones
Author: Kathy Reichs
Genre: mystery
Source: public library

Bones! Have you seen the show? I love it. There is just something that works about the combination of characters, forensic science, and cop show / mystery. Knowing this, I'm not sure what took me so long to try out the books......I'm glad I finally did though.

This novel finds Brennen working hard to solve a mystery that involves a literal witch hunt and the possibility of human sacrifices.

The things I find most interesting about this novel are the little differences from the show. Don't get me wrong; I expected there to be differences. These just appeared in ways I wasn't expecting.  The characters and personalities that make the show click, for me, aren't available per se. See, all of these characters are parts of Dr. Brennen's own personality. It took a bit of adjustment....especially the bits were Brennen isn't the socially awkward geek that I love. All the rest is there though. The crime, the forensics, the gory science details (which btw, require you to be very science savvy), the strange quirks....all there. Awesomeness!

Overall: No, they aren't the same as the series, but very close. Yes, if you like the science in the show, these will be great for you. Yes, you can read them out of order - this is her most recent novel, but my first novel.  Yes, I'll definitely be reading more.


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