Hour 2 challenge

 The hour two mini-challenge  is hosted by Miss Wisabus. I love this challenge! She wants to know about my childhood book favorites....that I can do!

1. I am still deeply in love with the Bugg Books by Steven Crosgrove. He's the author that did the Leo the Lop books. Wonderful! I have such fond memories of the Buggs and their world......even though only a few people believe they existed. My own mother doesn't even remember me having them. I found a few recently, but my funding was to low to start my collection. If you see them anywhere, think of me!

2. The Babysitters Club. I had all of them. ALL OF THEM. I think I may have even been a member of their book club. Sadly, sometime around high school, I needed the drawer/shelf space  and I was forced into giving the books away. Now that they are coming back out, I'm interested in seeing them.

3. When I got older, the novel Christie went with me everywhere....for a while. I can't say what it is, but there is just something about Mountain life that interests me. I still have a fascination with blue-grass music, which I give this book inspiration for.

4. I still read YA novels all the time.....just visit about half of my blog posts. They are fun and cover interesting topics. Lately, I've also been using my YA reading habits to stock my "lending" shelf in my classroom. It's awesome!


Cass said...

I loved the BSC books too! I even made a fake Kid Kit (fake because I never really babysat).

Anonymous said...

I used to have the BSC books as well - but like you had to get rid of them at some point. Hope you're having fun reading today! Good luck! :)


great reads i'm here to cheer you on,happy reading hope you make your goals kai.

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